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The Moon

The Moon is the easiest night sky object to study. With our without a telescope, it can be studied simply by looking up when it is out on a clear sky. Without a telescope, its phases and its position relative to other objects in the sky can be tracked from night to night. With a telescope, its features pop out with remarkable clarity. It is also completely unaffected by artificial light pollution. In fact, for deep sky observers and imagers, it IS a source of light pollution when it's up and about!

Super Moon, June 2013 Lunar Eclipse, April 2014
Lunar Eclipse, October 8, 2014 Copernicus Crater, May 22, 2010
Region near Catharina, Cyrillus and Theophilus June 2013 Hyginus Crater, October 2013
Deep Partial Lunar Eclipse November 19, 2021