Skies By Africa

Images of the Heavens By Eric Africa


I like galaxies. Images of these objects are awe-inspiring and stimulate the imagination. Just think: here we are tucked away in one tiny corner of a typical galaxy among billions. The star clusters and nebulae within our own galaxy inspire such wonder as it is. Imagine the life that may exist elsewhere in our galaxy. Now imagine our Milky Way, replicated billions of times over, and more extreme in some cases!

I am challenged by galaxies. Experience has shown that they are very tough to process properly. With few exceptions, they are also very tough to image properly! One needs a long-focal length telescope (at least 2,000mm) to capture an image of one that reveals impressive detail.

M88 M88 M64 M64 (2020)
NGC 7331 NGC 7331 NGC 7497 NGC 7497
M82 M82, the Cigar Galaxy NGC2403 NGC 2403
M33 M33, the Triangulum Galaxy  M31 M31, the Great Galaxy in Andromeda 
M51 M51, the Whirlpool Galaxy NGC 4565 NGC 4565
M 101 M101 M64 M64 (2005)
NGC 891 NGC 891 The Trio in Leo The Trio in Leo
M81 and M82 M81 and M82 A Quintet in Leo A Quintet in Leo